You can almost TASTE it!

After ordering, you will receive an exclusive GroPod meal prep guide to begin learning more about the GroPod lifestyle. Clean and fresh tasting produce on demand at any time of the year.

GroPod ONE

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$500 Pre-order Deposit

Putting down the $500 pre-order deposit will guarentee that you will receive the first GroPods to hit the market later this year. Be one of the first to grow fresh tasting produce in the comfort of your home.

End of 2019 Delivery

The first pre-ordered Gropods will be delivered before the end of this year! We will ship them out in the order that we receive the pre-order deposits. Only a limited supply will be available for 2019 delivery. Email notifications will be sent to keep you up to date on your new indoor garden.

Estimated $1995 MSRP

We are estimating the cost of the GroPod to be $1995. Payment for the remaining balance will be due upon shipment of your GroPod.

Cook Book Meal Prep Guide

Upon purchase of the GroPod, we will send you a meal preparation guide to discover what you will be able to grow and how you can include it in your diet. This guide will also walk you through tips on how to plant and harvest your personal variety of produce.

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