Turn On. Tune In. Grow Out!

Grow Pure Produce™ at Home

GroPod is a revolutionary smart appliance that grows fresh produce in your home any time of year. Now you can grow personal produce in your home that requires no distribution, storage, or preservatives.


GroPod makes growing Pure Produce™ at home easy

Harvest fresh food everyday with just three simple steps. Growing is automated when you subscribe to recieve SeedPods.


Plant the SeedPods


Add Water and Nutrients


Harvest and Enjoy

Be Smart. Grow PURE. Experience Fresh!

The GroPod can supply a full serving of leafy greens on a daily basis.



Store-bought produce contains pesticide residues and preservatives with bad health consequences. Only the GroPod guarantees ZERO pesticides or preservatives. Only the GroPod gives YOU complete control for pesticide-free, non-GMO produce.


Dead produce at the store has lost most of its taste and nutrients over time. Only live GroPod produce has maximum taste and nutritional content, with no storage or distribution required.


GroPod generates the highest yields of any system of its kind, using significantly less energy consumption. Grow a full serving of leafy greens on a daily basis with our patent pending rotary aeroponic design.


An integrated system of hardware and software optimizes freshness and taste for you. GroPod automates the growing process, eliminating the need for extensive labor or knowledge of agriculture.


No more estimating how much produce you need - no waste, no shortage. No more running to the grocery store in the middle of cooking and risking the produce being wilted or out of stock.

What can you grow in a GroPod?

Grow daily harvests of FRESH leafy green vegetables, herbs, flowers, some fruiting plants, and dwarf varieties of specialty plants to pay for itself!

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